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ArtsMagna® POS Business Retail Management Software can help you drive shopper traffic into your store and keep them coming back for more once they become a customer. Studies have shown that it costs 5 times more to attract a new customer compared to selling to an existing customer. With this in mind, we implemented a full featured CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module right into the software package. The CRM module works effortlessly with various parts of the software and the varying sales channels you'll use to sell your goods.

Our customer module can track and keep all of the vital information about your customers that is important to you. This information can also be used to generate highly targeted marketing campaigns to keep your customers coming back for more. This greatly reduces your marketing expenses while increasing your responses and ultimately your sales.

As customers are selected at the POS, Sales Order, or Internet site, the system starts to track all of their buying behaviors automatically. It also stores their vital information such as name, address, phone number, email address, etc. You can also customize these screens to store any information that may be relative to your business such as profession, wedding anniversary, spouse name, birthdays, etc.

Finding customers could not be any easier because you can tell the system how you want to find customers. You can choose name, phone number, frequent buyer card, customer loyalty card, driver license, or virtually anything. Once a customer is selected, you'll have access to the many options offered in the CRM module such as: multiple shipping addresses for gift purchases, adding family members to the account, a built-in credit line, automatic frequent buyer points, customer price levels, customer notes, or the customer complete buying history.

You can also utilize the information you've collected on customers throughout other parts of the system to help you market your business. You can create mail pieces that target the specific buying habits of your customers or offer unique customer appreciation discounts for special occasions such as birthdays. As an example, suppose you were overstocked on Oakley Five 2.0 sunglasses in colour Rootbeer Gold. You could quickly pull up a list of all customers who have purchased Oakley sunglasses in your store and generate a mailing list of these customers. You could then generate a quick letter or postcard alerting them to your "special" discount just for them. Another example would be those customers who purchase the new style of Oakley every year. You could get the jump on other retailers by alerting all of the customers who have previously purchased Oakleys about the newer style and when they will be available in your store.

The targeted mailing list is a great feature, but you still have to print the marketing piece and pay for postage. To reduce your marketing costs and increase your response rates even more, the system offers a blast email feature built into the software. Now, for the first time, with a couple of mouse clicks, you can email your promotions to your customers. This awesome capability allows you to stay in constant contact with your customer base, maintain brand awareness, and virtually eliminate traditional costs associated to direct marketing production.

To increase customer loyalty even further, ArtsMagna® also supports Customer Loyalty cards and has a full fledged Frequent Buyer program built into the system. The Customer Loyalty Cards can be custom printed with your store logo and can resemble many shapes and sizes such as credit card types, keychain formats, etc. The Frequent Buyer program allows you to establish points for purchases and will automatically keep a running total of points for you based upon your parameters.

ArtsMagna allows you to establish various frequent buyer programs and then assign these to the appropriate customers. When you create a frequent buyer program, you simply assign point values to dollar purchase amounts by department. If you have particular departments that don't generate as much gross profit as others, you can reduce the number of points a customer will receive when they make purchases in that department. Once a program is established, ArtsMagna will keep a running total of points by each customer who visit your store.

At any time during the year when you find yourself wanting more business, you can simply have ArtsMagna generate store voucher coupons for you. ArtsMagna will generate a store voucher customized for each customer that matches the criteria you have entered. You can also select the look and feel of the voucher itself and customize it with your own logos and messages. Each voucher will contain an appropriate award amount based upon each customer purchase history.

These vouchers are similar to "year end cash back rewards" programs. Once the vouchers are generated, ArtsMagna can print them along with an address mailing label. Better yet, if you want to save on the cost of processing a direct mailing, you can elect to email these vouchers to your customers.

CRM Blast Email Video

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