Point of Sale - Simplicity at its best!


This is it ! Redefined as the Universal Sales Module (USM), ArtsMagna's POS Business Retail Management Software new interface will revolutionize the way you work at the point of sale, allowing you to process with amazing ease any type of transaction those difficult customers can throw at you !!!

Click to enlargeUSM supersedes the normal functionality of Point of Sale software by transacting all types of sales management on the one screen at the same time! Regardless of the style of sales operations your company has, retail, wholesale, or a combination of both, ArtsMagna is the new brand of efficiency in front and back office software.

The USM is designed to function simply and effortlessly with only the use of a keyboard. Its "single-key touch" or "one-touch" design makes the ArtsMagna's USM a very "user-friendly" product. A mouse is optional, but definitely not required. The system supports the latest in barcode scanning technology, and credit card authorization. The point of sale can handle several discounting strategies, multiple types of sales per sale (one per item), X for Y pricing, laybys, interest free, client orders, repairs, insurance claims, voids, returns, exchanges, gift certificates, credit memos, hold tickets, gift registry, multiple payment types, receipt notes, In-house charge accounts, flexible tender types, currency exchange .... "You name it, ArtsMagna delivers it !".

Click to enlargeOne unique feature of the USM is its one and only enterable field for all operations. This "SuperSearch" field allows the user to sell an item by any valid number (SKU, UPC, Style, MFR, etc.) and the system will automatically find the item without the user specifying which number they are typing in. If duplicates are found, the system automatically displays a list and lets the user select one or more to sell. But the SuperSearch does not stop at Stock Items !!! In fact you can type a Client's Name, Surname, Address or Phone Number (Home, Work, Fax) or Scan a previous receipt to quickly return a sold Item or a Layby receipt to process a payment and much much more !

ArtsMagna® offers powerful security features as well as highly flexible search (find) capability. And, when it is time to close out, a very simple and secure (on-screen) cash drawer balancing program is available that includes a full set of reports and real time charting capabilities.

Not convinced ? ... see and try it for yourself by clicking the following links, it will be well worth your time.

POS-USM Video Part 1

POS-USM Video Part 2

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