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Every ArtsMagna module comes with its own set of well-defined and meaningful suite of reports. In addition, for those users requiring a greater diversity of information via reports or charts, the system also offers a very powerful report generator called QuickReport. QuickReport is the first report generator built exclusively for retailers and is included as part of the ArtsMagna software suite. You will no longer have to purchase third party tools to get the advanced reporting you require. ArtsMagna 's on-board reporting tools are designed to give most retailers all the flexibility and power they will ever need.

All reports created in ArtsMagna can also be output to the screen, printer, file, chart or interface to applications such as Microsoft Excel. Once you create a report, you simply give it a name that is meaningful to you and your reports are now available within the appropriate ArtsMagna module. The system also allows you to schedule lengthy procedures linked to complex reports to run in the off hours during specific dates and times. In this way you will not have to wait unnecessarily when you decide to print these reports.

ArtsMagna is designed to allow any authorized end-user the capability to create their own report, choosing just the information they want to see, in the order they want to see it, in just a couple of minutes. QuickReport allows the entire report to be created from one screen by dragging and dropping fields and selecting various options. The latest version of ArtsMagna offers a Wizard option enabling the user to build a Report while answering a series of questions in a guided tour ! The demos on the links below illustrate the power, flexibility, and ease of use in this invaluable system resource. To create a report, you just simply click on the column names that are of interest to you. Then, sort it any way you like, summarize it any way you want, and give it a name that is meaningful to you. That's it ! To help you along, the system will give you detailed explanations for each column along with the calculation if you need further assistance.

List of Available Reports (click here)

As with all ArtsMagna modules, reporting is easy to use and helps form one of the most advanced retail software systems in the market today.

Not convinced ? ... see and try it for yourself by clicking the following links, it will be well worth your time.

Quick Report Editor Video

Client Based Reports

POS-USM Video Part 2

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