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The ArtsMagna® POS Business Retail Management Software suite offers merchants a comprehensive inventory control system that is unique in its support for multiple sales channels. ArtsMagna can help you automate inventory control and sales in retail stores, Internet ecommerce sites, warehouses, mail order businesses, fulfillment houses, and auction sites.

Click to enlargeThe breadth of attributes and descriptions supported for inventory items allows the system to excel in reporting and merchandising and is unequaled in the industry. The system offers merchants many ways to categorize their inventory by: a Department, Class, and Subclass structure that allows the user to see only those classes assigned to a specific department and those subclasses assigned to a specific class. Other sub-category fields that are available include: Vendors, Categories, Brands, Models and Catalogues. Each offers virtually unlimited choices. All codes can be alphanumeric to allow for meaningful descriptions. When the i-amWeb ecommerce module is utilized to create an internet storefront, department, class, and subclass automatically become available on the web store to allow shoppers to find "drill-down" items in your store easily and efficiently. But this is only the beginning ..... ArtsMagna in fact offers you an approach to stock management that goes well beyond any conventional Retail system. In fact, besides offering you an Inventory module ArtsMagna also offers two additional and parallel modules: Models and Components. The Models module allows you to manage inventory items identical from a design perspective but where each item might still slightly differ in weight or components assembly and needs to be tracked individually. Each item in the inventory is only purchased or manufactured once only and sold once only, but the Models module allows you to view the model details across multiple unique inventory items held across multiple locations. The Components module instead was designed to give full control over the assembly process in manufacturing. With ArtsMagna in fact you can buy raw materials and assemble them by transforming them into finished products and at the end you have a full view of your Stock at a Components level as well as at an Inventory level.

Click to enlargeThe various reports within the system become more granular or meaningful as more attributes are used. All reporting within the system can show detail at the SKU level or rolled up and summarized by any attribute that you specify. As an example, the Daily Sales Report can show each individual item sold in your store for the day. This same report can also be summarized by Department and only show sales totals for the day by each department within your store. If you'd like it a little more detailed, you specify that Class be broken out as a sub-total on the report and now you'll see the total Department sales along with each Class subtotal under the Department. This "drill-down" capability allows you to turn mounds of raw data into meaningful information quickly and efficiently. Purchase orders by Brand, Supplier or Department can be automatically generated based on sales by Period and Store or Country or Globally.

Click to enlargeThe system also tracks replacement cost, average cost, retail price, original retail price (for markdown purposes), compare at price, and "X for Y" prices. Retail prices can be automatically calculated by entering the desired gross margin amount. Model stocking levels for reorder purposes may also be set in the inventory record. An unlimited number of price levels can be set by currencies, allowing international distributors to manage clients across the globe. Each product will be sold automatically at the appropriate price level assigned to the selling location. As an example, you may have a full retail price for a store, a 40% discount price at an outlet, and a further discounted price for items sold on your Internet eCommerce site.


Click to enlargeAnother fundamental aspect of the way ArtsMagna manages your Inventory is its unique way to handle the concepts of Quantity and Values: Available, Owned, Owned by Suppliers, Owned but Unavailable. This structure was specifically created to perfectly manage Consignment Stock Received and Sent Out. Allowing a full control across multiple Stores, Branches, Agents, Clients and Suppliers. This module allows automatic generation of Letter of property Transfer from Vendors (LTV). At chosen intervals the System will automatically generate a request based on Supplier, Brand or Department for all the Stock sold received on Appro or Consignment Notes. This Stock when originally received triggers only the Stock Available and Owned by Supplier, allowing Stock take management and Suppliers Stock Reports. Once purchased it will then transfer the invoiced part from the Owned by Supplier to our Stock Owned. This amazing control extends itself across unlimited Accounts and a wide variety of aspects, including price variances from the date the merchandise was originally received on appro to the date it was invoiced, re-adjusting automatically all individual Stock Items costs.

Click to enlargeArtsMagna not only supports Pictures but also supports Movies (including Virtual Reality ones) of the product within all the screens in which an inventory item is being displayed. Pictures or Videos can be referenced by Product Code, Model Code, Supplier Code and stored in a PC in a variety of ways. The operator entering the Stock can automatically collect Pictures and Video with Audio description from a Web Cam by simply setting a flag in the Setup. This also allows for interfacing with electronic Scales for collection of individual weight that can be later used for balancing supplier's invoices by weight. All of this allows all personnel to properly identify the items. Vendor catalogs with images can also be supported. This image can also be displayed on your i-amWeb Web Store if you purchased this option. An additional benefit of the picture image is that it is automatically displayed on the POS cash register screen when the item is scanned. This will help ensure the right item is being sold and can eliminate "price sticker switching."

Click to enlargeArtsMagna is a sixth generation product that has been proven over many years and in many merchant locations throughout the world. One of the benefits of this experience is the ease of use that has been built into the software. We are constantly updating the software to meet the growing needs and demands of our current users. One of these needs was usability. Unlike traditional Windows based software that requires extensive use of the mouse, the latest version of ArtsMagna has been re-engineered to make data entry lightening fast by eliminating the need for a mouse. If you want to keep you fingers on the keyboard and enter your information quickly, ArtsMagna can accommodate you. For newer users, the mouse is still fully functional and the system also has helpful pop-up lists throughout. These pop-up lists eliminate the need to know anything about the data you are working with. If you don't know a code for a particular item, simply type a character in the appropriate field and the system will pop-up a window for you from which to choose. This makes ArtsMagna so simple to use that a new operator will never have to ask for help from a senior staff member. Just let the system answer the question for you.

Click to enlargeAnother great usability feature supported in the software is the item number cross reference option. This feature allows you to use multiple identifiers for a single item. On the inventory screen you can specify a Style/Part No, System UPC, Manufacturers UPC, or SKU. You can then lookup an item using any of these numbers throughout the system. As an example, when an item is brought to the POS register, you can either scan your store assigned barcode, the manufacturer barcode, enter the style number of the product, or enter/scan the short SKU number. This is great for those situations where a price tag is missing, or it is quicker for you to type in the SKU number yourself. This cross reference capability also comes in handy when we convert older legacy system data into the ArtsMagna format. It allows you to utilize your existing inventory information and negates the need to re-tag your store. This results in huge time savings when upgrading to a modern system such as ArtsMagna.

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