Intro to ArtsMagna® POS Business Retail Management Software

Adriano Cisternino, the originator of ArtsMagna POS Business Retail Management Software, was born in Brindisi Italy where his family has been in the Jewellery business for many generations. In line with family tradition, Adriano attended a course in Jewellery management in Switzerland and then went on to complete his degree in Economics and Commerce before becoming deeply involved in the every day running of Jewellery stores.

Not completely satisfied with the challenge in front of him, Adriano decided to move to Australia during 1988 and open his own business in the city of Adelaide, which he did with great success. Recognizing the need for automation in the industry and not convinced that the then available software was completely suited to the industry, Adriano returned to Italy and set about designing a specialized application now known as ArtsMagna.

The name ArtsMagna is derived from the Latin word ArtsMagna, or Magnificent Art, which this product truly is. A suite of programs written in one of the most modern development platforms available, providing specialized functionality, ease of use and reliability that you, the user, can rely on. ArtsMagna is operational in several well known retailers, distributors and manufacturers throughout Italy and Australia and is fast becoming the software of choice  for very specialized industries.

Adriano has recently moved back to Adelaide, Australia and has completed the detailing of the software for Australian conditions and to implement a world wide sales and marketing plan. "Adelaide is the perfect place to base myself  and take the world by storm with what will be the first truly affordable ERP package." Having completed the conversion of the software from Italian to English and the introduction of local requirements in accounting and sales procedures, Adriano has now defined a new Point of Sale (POS) and Back-Office user interface with a difference. Aptly named the USM (Universal Sales Module) and the UBM (Universal Back-Office Module), these new interfaces provide the user with greater flexibility and superior operation.

As the managing director of an international organization that has been creating, installing and supporting retail software for the past 25 years, Adriano has an enormous depth of experience in all facets of the retail market place.

"During the past 25 years ArtsMagna has evolved into a truly spectacular software product, comparable only with ERP names out  of reach of most small to medium sized businesses. From the first contact with ArtsMagna it will be clear you have met a new breed of developers who understand their business and user requirements like nobody else. From definition to completion time is extraordinarily fast and the reliability of the software once completed is without question the best ever experienced."
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