Click to enlargeArtsMagna's POS Business Retail Management Software Order Management module is fully integrated with the Purchase Order, Receiving, or Transfer modules. This feature allows you to immediately display your current On Hand, Owned, On Consignment, and Committed quantities. A further simple click will allow you to select a single store location, the grid displays that particular stores information. Or, you may choose to see all of your stores combined on one single screen. Whether ordering, receiving or transferring Stock, with ArtsMagna you always have access to the information you need when you need it.
If you are running low on a particularly hot item, you can easily create a new purchase order either into the Order Management or the Purchase Orders module. Better yet, why not let the software do the work for you and create the order automatically. ArtsMagna contains several automatic reorder features that can create a purchase order to restock your store to the model stocking levels you establish for a particular item. Even more powerful, it can also produce a single order for all of your store locations and all of the products you carry from the selected vendor. In one easy step, ArtsMagna will create a single purchase order with the exact quantities that each store requires and creates the distribution right on the order! You can then select to leave the order "as is" or edit it yourself before sending it to the vendor.

Click to enlargeTo make your restocking process even easier, ArtsMagna can also allow staff members to automatically generate Order requests in the Order Management module by simply running one of several type of Sales Report. These reports can be filtered by Date Range, Supplier, Brand, Department (including Classes and Subclasses), Catalogue Sales and of course Drawer, Branch, State or Global. These reports allow the operator to include Committed items in the report or to select Sold only items (allowing for example an item on Layby to be considered sold only after it is actually been collected). Based on these quantities ArtsMagna generates an Order Request, generally by Branch, showing to a manager in two columns the Sold and Suggested Reorder levels. In a further column the Manager can view the current Available quantity by Branch, State or Global. Here the manager can in one single step, for example, decide to transfer some quantity from an over stocked Branch and order the rest from the Supplier. Also from this same screen the Manager can with another simple Click generate all the Supplier's Orders for all the items involved with an option to either generate new ones or to add to the existing open ones for those Suppliers. Let ArtsMagna figure out and set the optimum stocking levels in your stores for you. This feature aides you in increasing inventory turns by reducing the amount of over stocked merchandise.

ArtsMagna takes this functionality even a step further for Distributors and Wholesalers. They can in fact collect Written or Telephone Orders from Clients by using Models Stock and attribute a ETA and a Contingency to Delivery Date both modifiable on each individual Items. Once this first stage is over the operator can attribute to each Model actual Inventory Items with the options of using warehouse stock, transferring from Branches or Agents Stock or place a Suppliers or Manufacturers Order for those items out of Stock. Upon completion of the Order, or partially if need be, the operator can start Shipping or Invoicing the Client. This gives you full control over the Clients Order allowing you within one screen to have references to all the different products ordered and shipped across multiple documents !

Click to enlargeHaving multiple store locations and sales channels has inherent advantages but also introduces some unique challenges. If an item isn't selling well in one location, you can move that item to a better location or offer it for sale on your Internet site or via an auction site such as eBay. But identifying, moving, and tracking those transfers can quickly become an overwhelming task. ArtsMagna offers several ways to automate the movement of goods and track their whereabouts.

The latest version of ArtsMagna has a Transfer and Distribution option. This is an extremely simple, yet powerful tool for distributing and moving inventory between locations in a multi-store environment. The on-screen interface allows you to distribute a product from a purchase order or receiver, or to create a transfer between locations quickly. This capability allows you to receive a purchase order centrally, and then distribute its contents quickly to your various locations without re-keying all of the information. To move items between locations, you can simply set the quantities from one location to the next using the keyboard or the mouse.

To save even more time, you can also choose to create automatic distribution "templates" that assign a certain percentage of stock by location for a given product "type." Then, when you select the template to use, the system automatically transfers or distributes the inventory accordingly. This distribution can then be modified as needed. You can also create your own transfers by choosing the sending and receiving locations, and entering quantities manually. The new module visually displays which products are being sent from the sending stores and which stores are receiving the merchandise. The sending stores are in "red" and the receiving stores are in "green". Transfers are easily recognizable this way through the use of visual colour mapping. This allows you to quickly see the planned movement of inventory as you create it.

Click to enlargeThe automatic distribution screen also allows you to create distributions equally weighted by store. As an example, if you have a quantity of ten items on hand and five store locations, the system will transfer two of the product to each store. It also gives you the option of creating automatic consolidated transfers for those goods you want to bring back to a single location. If you have a warehouse location or outlet store, this allows you to quickly move out of season merchandise from your primary locations back to the warehouse or outlet for an annual sales event or quick liquidation.
Another incredible capability at your fingertips is a Back Order management tool that allows you with simple point a click to attribute Client Back Orders for all the items you have just received in a Supplier Invoice. This tool can literally save hours and days of work to wholesalers and distributors!

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